The R3 Pilates Studio

R3 Pilates is a private pilates studio in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. Nestled on a ranch with big views and peaceful nature, our pilates classes are guaranteed to strengthen your body, as well as your soul and spirit.

All of our classes are in a private group setting with no more than 6 ladies in attendance at one time.

You can expect a personalized, intense, and refreshing workout followed by some casual relaxation as you take in the views of the wide open spaces.

R3 Pilates Studio
R3 Pilates Studio 3
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Every class will be different and will challenge you in a new way.  In every class, we will utilize two of three intense Pilates workouts. The Reformer, the Chair, and the Bodhi straps are all top of the line Balance Body products that are created specifically to take your fitness to the next level.

By combining traditional pilates with modern movements, you will experience just the right amount of intensity, pushing you to your limit.  We focus on sculpting the whole body though muscle lengthening, core targeting, and strength building. You can expect to see results through hard work and you'll leave each class feeling stronger.

R3 Pilates Bodhi

The Bodhi Suspension System includes two independent ropes which, when installed, create four suspension points. This allows for endless opportunities to suspend the body from each point. In addition, each point choice adds strength, flexibility, balance and proprioceptive challenges.

R3 Pilates Reformer

Balanced Body’s Pilates Studio Reformer® sets the standard in comfort and craftsmanship. With every edge sculpted and smooth, the Studio Reformer has sleek, clean lines-appealing to the eye and inviting to the touch.

R3 Pilates Chair

The chair consists of a seat and a foot pedal with springs attached. Designed to stretch and strengthen muscle groups not easily reached through other forms of exercise. Some consider the chair to be the most athletic and challenging piece of pilates equipment.

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